Early Signs of Dirty Election Scheme in Eastern Samar’s Bid for Congress

A new candidate for Representative of the Lone District of Eastern Samar emerged through the substitution scheme. Julio “Shandy” Gonzales of Brgy, Naga, Quinapondan files his COC for Congressman on the last day for substitution – November 29, 2018 under the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas.

Election watchdogs say this certain Julio Gonzales was persuaded by another candidate for Representative of the same province to file said COC. “Such scheme proves that there is an on-going mobilization to disrupt or mar the candidacy of another congress hopeful, the incumbent Guiuan Mayor Christopher Sheen P. Gonzales,” says a representative of an election watchdog organization. “In the past, this tactic is usually employed to confuse the voters. If Julio “Shandy” Gonzales uses his nickname “Shandy”, which is very similar to Sheen Gonzales, another congressional hopeful, the voters would have to be critical and decisive when marking and casting their votes so as not to jeopardize their choice.”

“It is now the duty of every concerned constituent of Eastern Samar to be informed about the fact that there are two candidates for Congressman of Eastern Samar bearing the same surname of Gonzales”, Election watchdogs say.

Meanwhile, Mayor Sheen remains calm and expressed confidence in his candidacy and says that “it will take more than a lousy dirty scheme to bring down the hopes and aspirations of our people which my candidacy tirelessly represents.”

Julio Gonzales declined an interview with our news team.

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